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Growing up in Louisiana, Gene Kuntz II heard stories of Cajun Healers using herbs and prayer to heal the sick. This, combined with his early love of kung fu movies, set Gene on a path to begin a practice of meditation and martial arts at the age of 13. His interest in esoteric arts and the body led him to massage therapy school in 2007. After completing massage school, Gene has placed his healing hands on over 7,000 people and performed over 10,000 massages. During this time, he furthered his education with study in both western massage techniques, such as repetitive use injury therapy and medical massage, and more esoteric techniques, such as Incan Shamanism, Reiki, and Qi gong. Interested in deepening his practice as a healer, Gene pursued his Masters in Oriental Medicine with a focus in Medical Qigong. Early in his Oriental Medicine practice Gene worked along side practitioners at Seton McCarthy’s Community Center to develop “living well with pain” and “living well with stress.” It was there that he began to see the astounding benefits that meditation practices and acupuncture can have on one’s well-being. Through group participation in qigong and NADA protocol, also known as auricular acupuncture, patients who were nearly suicidal due to pain were astonished and empowered when they found themselves pain free. Gene now uses acupuncture, herbal formulas, and experience in meditation to assist his patients in their health goals. Today, Gene works primarily with addiction and recovery centers, as well as group acupuncture and classes at corporate offices.


Shannon Perry Studied Massage Therapy at the Healing Arts Institute in her hometown of Abilene, TX. Raised in a family of a Chiropractor, Massage Therapists, & an Herbalist. She understands the body & what is necessary to maintain a healthy & stress-free life. She been a spa professional since 2003 and believes in providing only superior customer service.

Proficient in deep tissue therapy, Swedish massage, prenatal massage, chair massage, & aromatherapy. What she enjoys most about giving massage is the ability to combine her scientific knowledge, creative energy, and her passion for helping people to be the most effective therapist. Her focus is to give individuals relief from pain and stress. She has a passion for educating and treating her clients.

In efforts to continue her education, Shannon Studied Skincare at Ann Webb Skin Institute in Austin, TX in 2016. After suffering from cystic acne, She found a passion for results driven skincare. She uses an effective and natural line of products that smell amazing and actually work!