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Balance and Restore

Years of combined experience have taught us the best ways to provide safe, effective treatments to care for patients. Jump start your immune system with a Body Acupuncture treatment and start seeing results. Herbal Consult, Cupping and Guasha may be added to this treatment.


Relax and Recover

Feeling like your body and soul are not exactly connected? Looking for a relaxing treatment experience? Our Massage Therapy  treatment will put your body at ease. Take some time out of your busy day to begin to heal yourself the right way. We can pinpoint any spot that may be experiencing pain or discomfort and treat you accordingly. Book your appointment today.


Acupuncture and Massage

Our Fusion treatment will easily help rejuvenate your senses and invigorate your muscles. When you are better relaxed, you tend to make healthier choices, which in turn results in healthier lifestyles, and ultimately in a well balanced individual. Book your appointment today to start your healing journey.

Natural Herbs


Herbal Consult and Custom Formula

These are tried and true formulas have been developed and used for centuries to treat a myriad of disorders.

What do herbs treat? Stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, erectile dysfunction, fertility, PMS, GI disorders, post surgery recovery, and more.    


Private and Group Instruction

With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is easy to go a whole day without taking a mindful breath. In these classes, you will learn easy and basic techniques to reduce stress and anxiety caused from everyday life. These techniques, some dating back to the beginning of recorded history, will reunite you with your original self.


Chair Massage and Acudetox

Busy and stressed at work? Feeling tight and sore from sitting or standing all day?Treat your office, work space or group to a little R&R with our chair massage or acudetox. Take some time out of your busy day to begin to heal yourself the right way.  On-site services are booked with a 4 hour minimum and can accommodate up to 6 people per hour for chair massage and 12 people per hour for acudetox.  Book at your location today.

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Cancelation Policy

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, 24 hours notice is required. If less than 24-hours notice is given, the fee for the missed appointment will be due and payable in full, with the exceptions of emergencies. 


Gene is my go to guy for all my bodywork. He is intuitive and responsive. I tell him the general areas, and it's like he has a honing beacon, because he always hits the spot.

Techniques used- many, ask him I bet he can do it.
Oil used- hypoallergenic and you don't leave feeling greasy
Pressure - perfect, and he checks in with you about that.
Draping- like a pro, I never feel exposed - ever

As I have mentioned he's intuitive, so he can tell when I'm in the mood to be chatty, or when I just want to be quiet.

Joseph Hogan-Sanchez


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Growing up in Louisiana, Gene Kuntz II heard stories of Cajun Healers using herbs and prayer to heal the sick. This, combined with his early love of kung fu movies, set Gene on a path to begin a practice of meditation at the age of 5 and martial arts at the age of 13. His interest in esoteric arts and the body led him to massage therapy school in 2007. After completing massage school, Gene has placed his healing hands on over 7,000 people and performed over 10,000 massages. During this time, he furthered his education with study in both western massage techniques, such as repetitive use injury therapy, medical massage, and reflexology as well as more esoteric techniques, such as Incan Shamanism, Cajun Healing, Reiki, and Qi gong. Interested in deepening his practice as a healer, Gene pursued his Masters in Oriental Medicine with a focus in Medical Qi gong. Early in his Oriental Medicine practice Gene worked along side practitioners at Seton McCarthy’s Community Center to develop “living well with pain” and “living well with stress.” It was there that he began to see the astounding benefits that meditation practices and acupuncture can have on one’s well-being. Through group participation in Qi gong and NADA protocol, also known as auricular acupuncture, patients who were nearly suicidal due to pain were astonished and empowered when they found themselves pain free. Gene now uses acupuncture, herbal formulas, and experience in meditation to assist his patients in their health goals. Today, Gene works in his private practice,  addiction recovery centers, as well as group acupuncture, massage and classes at corporate offices.



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